Information regarding your Hunt

The best hunting time is from beginning of April to end of September / mid-October.

We recommend a 8 to 12 days with Zeekoepan, including airport transfer days on the first and the last day. Flying to Richards Bay airport is strongly recommended as it is only a 2,5 hour's drive from Zeekoepan.

Sundays are usually used as airport transfer days, as  flights to Richards Bay are more frequent than on a Saturday, and also to avoid losing a hunting day. Sunday is normally considered a non-hunting day. One can  pack away the rifles and take the camera on a photographic safari on Zeekoepan or visit some attractions in the area.

Although Zeekoepan has all the bush species. If open plains species are on the hunter's wish list, these will be hunted in their natural habitat about 1 hour away from Zeekoepan. The species and number of trophies each person would like to hunt, the areas where the species occur and how much traveling time, will determine the time needed for your safari.

All Big Game safaris have a minimum booking time according to the specie/s required. This will be custom planned according to your requirements.


Any firearm in the 7mm to 300 range is recommended for antelope / plains game.

If you will be hunting one of the "Big 5", hunting law in South Africa requires a minimum calibre of .375 H&H.

Hiring of our firearms is possible. Ammunition @ cost price.

Once your hunt is confirmed, you will receive a "Letter of Invitation" from us, if
you will be traveling with your own rifles. We will send you the full temporary rifle import procedures in writing, allowing you to travel without complications.

Bow Hunting

Hunters who have brought their bows to Zeekoepan, have not left disappointed.

Although Zeekoepan Safaris is not exclusively for bow hunting, it is done from hides overlooking different waterholes and trails at areas with a high concentration of animals. For the keen bow hunter this opportunity can't be missed.

We operate our  hunting on our privately owned and strictly managed, game rich land in the Northern Kwa Zulu-Natal Province of South Africa. The terrain ranges from lush river vegetation to bush lands providing excellent trophies. 


This is a bow hunting  opportunity of a lifetime, don't miss out!

Bird Hunting

The bird hunting "open season" for a great variety of wing shooting, runs from May 1st - July 31st. A variety of bird species available, including ducks, geese, pigeons, pheasant, francolin, guinea fowl and many more.  Doves can be hunted all year round. But the best time for hunting doves is April and May, when crops are on the fields, ready to be harvested.

Lots of laughter among friends, making memories, grab your shotgun, hide away and wait... the action is starting any moment.














The Safari


The Safari


Bow Hunting

Bird Hunting

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